Share Our Tried & Tested and proven Property Investment Formula for safe, secure and successful investing.
Your Roadmap to Riches

A seven-step method, developed over years of helping Australians invest in property, and secure their wealth. Our goal is to provide a unique solution to your financial requirements. As everyone is different with different wants, needs and goals.

Here’s how we do it.

A comprehensive meeting, where we find out as much as we can about you and your finances. We establish where you are financially and where you would like to be, and do some realistic goal setting.

We’ll produce a report summarising your next step, explain the potential income and tax implications of investing in property, and if you wish to continue, we’ll make an appointment for your next meeting.


  • Have all your questions answered
  • Drill down on the personal education you may need for astute investing
  • What is the correct Property model for you, based on your circumstances
  • Correct financial structures showing you the way you can do it
  • What are the best growth locations for you based on your current portfolio and/or desires
  • If you have a plan, are well educated you may just want to use our Research, Wholesale Quality built properties and Project Management Services. To help you save money, time and all the hard work whilst gaining maximum returns, capital growth, cash flow and tax benefits

An in-depth analysis of your financial situation and a proposed structure for your property investments should you decide to proceed. Based heavily on the information we discovered in Step One, paying close attention to your budget restraints and risk profile.

This plan sets out clearly what you need to provide in terms of deposit and cash flow, and suggests the types of property you should consider. This is a tailored report, addressing your needs alone, developed by your advisor. It will detail information such as:

  • A selection of estates we have identified as being suitable for you
  • Some examples of Return on Investment (ROI) for properties within these estates.
  • A detailed strategy and timeline for your first investment – a one year plan
  • Tax information, what you can deduct and when.
  • The implications on your Self-Managed Super Fund (if applicable)
  • A three, five and ten year plan for your property investments

We provide you with thorough Research and due diligence material for the areas I Australia that best meet your requirements. Both third party independent facts from a cross reference of economists, RP DATA, Residex, ABS, Property Researchers etc.

But with Prosperity it does not stop there unlike most companies in this industry, we inspect each and every location and the “kick the dirt” as we like to say before we can build a property their or recommend a location. You must do your hands on, on the ground inspections.

At this time we talk to Property Managers to find out the facts about the rental market, along with talking to town planning for new infrastructure projects, and all types of locals to gain a real feel for the location.

Finally we have a proven Matrix system that was designed by a builder at Harvard University. This is a scoring system that rates the criteria from financial, rental market, growth potential etc.

We use the Matrix expecting approx. 300 locations a year with only approx.30 stacking up as a location we would invest ourselves, and if we wouldn’t invest there we would not recommend you do.

This is where you are given the information you need to make a final decision on your first property investment.

You’ll receive three properties to choose from, including floor plans and an overview of the estate and its layout and facilities. You’ll discover the location of the estate itself and its proximity and convenience to major centres and transport.

Each property will have a Return on Investment (ROI) calculation and information on capital growth potential, based on current market conditions.

All you need to do is assess the properties, and make a decision on the investment best suited to your needs. Contact us for advice at any point, or ask an independent party. It’s up to you.

When you invest in property there is a lot of professionals you need, we facilitate all these services for you, co-ordinate the communication on your behalf between, builders, developers, conveyance solicitors, Banks/brokers, Property Management, Insurances, Building inspectors, quantity surveyors, financial advisors, accountants etc

To take the stress away from you, you can choose to use who we recommend or you can choose your own, we will work with whoever you want to help you.

Once you decide to purchase, our specialists will move into action and begin the process of purchasing your investment property. The purchasing of property can be time consuming and tedious, but Prosperity have experts constantly working on the sale and purchase of properties and they’ll make it easy for you.

Our agents will work with the builders, manage the property and supervise the construction and quality control of your new investment. To make it even easier, you will receive progress reports via email saving the need to interrupt your day with phone calls. However if you wish to speak to one of our experts, they will be available for questions around the clock.

You have a finished home, in a gorgeous estate, just waiting for a high quality long-term tenant. In the fifth and final step in our process, we find you the ideal tenant and you begin earning income on your newest investment.

Once your tenants have moved in and income is flowing your way, we will draw up a review document, and revisit your investment regularly to ensure you are receiving the income and deductions as per the original plan. Keeping you on track.

After a period of time, we will begin to consider a second property investment, using the equity in the first, and your wealth creation will be on a strong path to success.

Value in our seven steps = Excess of $20,000.00 the cost to you is $0.00

We are building and investment consultants like every builder we make our money in the building of the property, you are not paying for it directly. Importantly you buy direct and save thousands, you can not buy and apples for apples property for less.

But remember this is not just about buying one property, it is about your own roadmap to riches using property as the vehicle and we want to be with you from here to retirement and that is why we do it this way so you will happily come back and tell your friends and family.