Why Invest In Property Over Options?

Tony has grabbed the camera and spent a couple of minutes explaining why, compared to other investment options, property is such a strong consideration.

Se Queensland On The Move

Se Queensland On The Move

There is no doubt SEQ is ready for business and selected locations are set for strong sustainable growth and returns.
Why? Many locations within SEQ are on the move, after 5 to 7 hard years of negative growth. When locations like Mackay and Gladstone and other locations benefiting from mining experienced capital growth, most of the rest of the state were having negative growth. Read More Se Queensland On The Move

How Much Do I Need To Invest?

We love answering questions about property investment.
Why? Because too many investors jump in and buy the wrong property! With the correct education and know how you can avoid the mistakes and traps others make and gain maximum returns.
This time I am going to answer one that a lot of people ask me time and time again … Read More How Much Do I Need To Invest?