Property Investment 101
Wed 15th February 2017

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Property Investment 101

Wednesday 15th February, 2017  |  Location: Hellenic Club, Matilda Street Woden

| 6:00 pm arrival for a 6:15pm start – 7:30 pm |

To provide you with an in-depth understanding of property investment and how you can secure a positive geared investment and take access financial freedom, Prosperity holds regular information evenings.

These are unlike a typical seminar full of hype and sales jargon, Prosperity pride ourselves on delivering quality educational, market news, and critical information every investor must know before investing, whether you are a first time or an astute investor. There is no selling and no hype just real invaluable content.

Prosperity often has guest speakers who are experts in their field such as Property focused Accountants, Financial Advisors, Financial Strategy Experts, Property Researchers, and Australia’s most awarded builders and developers.

Some of the others things you will learn…

  • How to buy new quality built House and Land in growth cities for $350,000 ready for tenants to walk straight in and have a tenant guarantee.
  • How to Triple your retirement funds in years not decades.
  • How buying only 3 properties over 10 years can provide you $1.95 MILLION in equity for a happy retirement.
  • How to make an income from property investment from day 1.
  • How to access a deposit for property investment
  • What is the biggest mistake most investors make, and this simple tweak can change your financial future
  • How to develop a long-term property investment plan

We hold regular property investment 101 workshops to help employees understand basics of property investment.


Property Investment Education Nights

How to invest in property for the highest returns.


For first time and astute seasoned investors

These events are to help provide you with the inner knowledge to astute investors learning the key elements that only successful investors use to maximize their portfolio. Learning proven formulas to investing in all areas of property from buying new to established, renovating, development etc.

Importantly learn how to avoid the mistakes most people make when they jump in an invest at the wrong time in the wrong location in the wrong property model. With the one of the biggest mistakes being jumping in and investing without enough education.

When investing we all need to make the correct decisions based on our own personal circumstances, and there is no doubt education will help you make the correct choices for you. As property is easy to buy but difficult to get right


Investors want to be’s – You just want to start the learning process, and prepare yourself to invest when you ready so you avoid the mistakes and traps most people fall into and invest for the highest returns.

First time investors – You want to learn everything you need to know. Howto buy affordable and quality built properties and how to identify the best locations to invest based on your budget, how to plan for your future and what is the correct financial structures for me.

  • Astute investors – You want to know where are the best locations now or over the next 12 months to buy at the optimum time in the property cycle and how you can buy under market prices for the highest returns. Or you may be looking for advanced strategies such as investing in property utilizing a proven Matrix Selection system designed out of Harvard University for maximum returns – maximum capital growth, maximum tax benefits and Maximum rental income and demand
  • Home Owners – That would love to pay off their own home sooner and looking to leverage their equity
  • SMSF – People wanting to utilise their super to buy property

Information Nights

Please see the date and time below for our next Free, no obligation Information Night by your local property investment expert, bookings are essential as they always fill quickly, we look forward to sharing our information with you.

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The passionate team at Prosperity are real people with real information and services to help everyday Australians build real wealth, with no hype and no hard sell

  • Where, when and what to invest in for financial freedom faster with certainty
  • How to buy property within SMSF – Self Managed Super Funds
  • How to invest for maximum returns
  • The power of compound capital growth
  • How to access Australia’s Blue Chip developers
  • How to achieve maximum tax benefits
  • How to invest and not pay capital gain tax
  • Exit plans for retirement
  • How to pay off your family home faster
  • How to invest in for as little as $50p/w from the family budget or with POSITIVE CASH FLOW actually increase your income weekly from day 1.
  • The family investment strategy which allows you to spend more time with your family and less than 1 hour per month.
  • The benefits of old vs. new properties
  • The six critical elements to a successful investment
  • New Government laws that can catapult your super
  • What type of property should YOU Invest In? House, Townhouse, Apartment, Duplex?
  • How to avoid paying too much through marketers and spruikers
  • How to add investment properties that will finance your business ‘Exit Plan’. Or how property can give you the opportunity to start your own business
  • How everyday Australians can invest in affordable property approx. $350k in Cities and with the proven cyclic formula buy three properties over 10 years and be worth over $1.95 million How to live a life of choice not chance


    1. Can I invest and what do I need to do to get started
    2. What is the correct model for you – New House/Land, Established Houses, Renovations, Self-Managed Super Funds, NRAS, etc.
    3. How to invest with no savings and either on a lunch money budget or actually have a positive geared property so you need zero money to start and actually make a profit each week after tax.
    4. How you can do it easily, stress and fuss free that saves you lots of money and time.
    5. Where are you now and what steps do you personally have to make to reach your personal financial goals and live your dream
    6. How do you get $10,000 to $95,000 cash tax free from the Govt to help you invest. But this is only available for a limited time, how can you lock it in.
    7. What are the 7 critical elements to successful investing
    8. How to find properties with high rental yield and what are the traps to avoid.
    9. How to buy wholesale direct from Australia’s Blue Chip Developers and most awarded builders
    10. Where are the locations that economists and property experts believe are safe, secure, affordable and importantly have strong capital growth potential.

There are also some special bonuses on the night, so register below and we look forward to seeing you there.