A team passionate about helping everyday Australians build wealth with certainty through compound capital growth with WHOLESALE investment properties.
We take the pain and stress out of property investments, with proven systems to find the right locations based on the current property cycle; we educate our clients on gearing and leveraging, and work with you to build your own personal property portfolio.

Our clients invest direct with Australia’s most awarded and leading wholesale builders and developers. We have selected builders who have an incredible track record, for their honesty, integrity, high quality builds and access to premium land locations, along with boardroom relationships with Australia’s Blue Chip Developers.

We have two types of clients the astute seasoned investors who want to grow their property portfolio and want to save time and money. Along with the peace of mind they are purchasing Australia’s premium investment properties.

Along with new investors, or investors that have dabbled in investing and who have made costly mistakes. These clients are educated on the critical elements and the inner knowledge of property investment so they too can make informed decisions and become an astute investor.

You can do it yourself. Most of our clients choose Prosperity Property Advisors because they are professionals and do what they do well and in turn they let us do what we do well.

It is important to get all 7 critical elements right:

The seven elements are

  • Land Content
  • Timing
  • Quality
  • Location
  • Demand
  • Finance/Cash flow/Tax deductions
  • Affordability

Without getting all these right you may not see sufficient growth in time to meet your financial goals.

  • Prosperity takes the risk/stress/hassle out of arranging building, tenants, property management, conveyance solicitors and very importantly the research for you.

We are not spruikers or marketeers, who try to sell people over priced properties in poor locations (boondocks, regional areas, units, etc.) through hype and glossy brochures. We are real people with no hard sell, no pressure, just real proven systems to build real wealth. We deal direct with wholesale builders and developers who can access premium property in Master Planned Blue Ribbon Estates and infill developments in Australia’s key growth corridors.

Through our relationships with some of Australia’s leading developers Mirvac, Stocklands, Australand, Sir Nigal Satterley etc., we not only get access to the best blocks for investments within Estates but we get land next to the beach, parks, shops, schools, employment, transport etc. “We have all heard the importance of Location Location Location!”

We do not mark up the cost of the land; our money is made in the building of the house. Often our Prosperity Group members get the land also at wholesale prices and we get the first opportunity to purchase the land before the public.

Every property has a cost to buy, but in our case you buy direct from the builders and developers and like all builds there is profit for the builder and this is where we make our money, sand you can save thousands.

Importantly you cannot buy an apples for apples quality built property for less!

Goal planning workshops are something we recommend each client do every 6 to 12 months with their Prosperity consultant. Most people under estimate the importance of knowing what and when they would like to achieve from Property investment. It means taking an hour from your schedule and sitting down with your consultant where we can plan your goals and review them every 6 months.

Yes we do provide a coaching service; however, we do encourage clients to spend as much time as possible doing their own due diligence.

The building quality is excellent our properties are complete Turn Key, superbly built by our selected builders with no short cuts, high energy ratings with landscaping, fences and high end inclusions.

We challenge anyone to take our plans with all the upmarket inclusions and try to get it built cheaper, it just won’t happen!

The design of our homes are based on achieving the best investment results for our clients, quality built homes to minimise maintenance costs, high end inclusions for maximum depreciation, interior floor plans to suit a family’s needs with stylish low maintenance exteriors.

The House and land package is sold as a fixed term contract, therefore if the builder has unforeseen costs you do not pay any more money than the purchase price. When the property experiences capital growth from the time of original expression of interest until completion again you only pay the purchase price, but have instant equity.

We understand our clients desire to build a portfolio of investment houses, as duplication is the key to real wealth. Therefore our clients often become clients for life so they can retire early and happily with the peace of mind that they will have plenty of money in their later years to enjoy the life they deserve and importantly leave a legacy for their children. Therefore it is in our best interest to assure we get it right, the right timing in the right location with the right build, with the right rental return and maximum growth.

You experience capital growth, gain equity in the property to enable you to duplicate over and over again. Albert Einstein once said “Compound growth is the eighth wonder of the world”.

  • New homes are 100% tax deductible; if a house is pre 1987 you cannot depreciate it and gain a tax benefit.
  • You only pay stamp duty on the land; huge savings.
  • By time the house is built you have already experienced capital growth. One because you are buying wholesale and two because capital growth due to purchasing in the correct time of a property cycle. Along with the infrastructure constructed (parks, transport, schools, shops etc.) around your investment.
  • Buying a quality built home and being brand new your potential maintenance cost will be next to nothing for the first 10 years.
  • Master planned Blue Ribbon Estates surrounded by owner occupied family homes who build larger and more expensive houses. This drives up the Capital Bench Mark and the value of your investment property.
  • The unit and house depreciates and the land appreciates, it’s the land that gives you the capital growth.
  • Banks will provide you with a much larger equity percentage with a house and land package over a unit so you can duplicate.
  • Units have body corporate fees.
  • Often apartments are sold to a majority of investors, therefore have potential to become a rental slum and the property will lose value or not return your desired capital growth.
  • All our homes are in Blue Ribbon estates that are a minimum of 85% owner occupied mums and dads, families who continue to invest in their family home.
  • Capital Bench Mark – All the units are mostly the same or very similar, but in a Blue Ribbon Estate the Owner Occupied build larger more expensive homes and look after and invest in them. Which what? – Drives up capital growth!
  • Generally tenants in units have more complaints and are transient. Where our homes are generally rented by families or couples who want to be long time tenants that look after the premises.

If interest rates go up, so do the tax advantages and the rental returns. Although by saying that we can assist you with making your money work best for you. We have property focused Accountants and Mortgage brokers that can determine your capacity to invest.

They are independent and we receive no money from them in any way. You are welcome to use your own, with our experience we have found that having a property focussed professional makes the whole process quicker, stress free and easier.

It is proven that certain cities experience property booms at different times and by saying that Australia as a whole, experiences property cycles. Certain cities experience cycles due to employment, migration, business, opportunities, tourism, economy, land availability and many more factors.

Our researchers have relationships with the experts in property, finance, banking, accountancy and Government that assists us to determine where and when to buy. Supported by our proven systems and Investment Matrix we can evaluate the current property cycle.

We recommend Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne and Adelaide because this is where the growth is, the migration, the business, the investments which and importantly the affordability. Which equates to capital growth rental demands and rental values?
Sydney experiences growth as we have all seen but it is not affordable, which makes it very difficult to duplicate and build true wealth through compounding capital growth.

Regional areas have proven not to have stable and consistent growth, for example a mining town may have great growth, but if the mine dries up the property is worth can decrease and you will have trouble renting and selling it.

  • You can depreciate property.
  • We have all experienced the effect of the global financial crisis, and everyone lost a lot of money in their super that is wrapped up in shares, where property values still went up in the right locations.
  • There is a shortage of land – Australia is experiencing massive migration growth expected to reach 35 to 39 Million by 2049.
  • The medium house price in Australia is expected to be over $1 million dollars in by 2020.
  • Tax advantages
  • Equity for further investments, leverage and/or lifestyle.
  • The sooner you start the sooner you will benefit.
  • We all need to invest now – the Government tells us there will be no money left for pensions in the future. 90% of people out there do not have enough money in their super to give them the quality life they are after in the future.
  • Did you know money halves in value every 10 years?
  • Recent stats from The University of Canberra found that 86.6% of Australians will retire on an income of $16,000 p.a.
  • Australian Bureau of Statistics found that in retirement out of 100 people
    13 will be dead
    79 will be dead broke
    4 will be struggling
    3 will be comfortable
    1 will have financial freedom
    By making the decision to act, educate yourself and then investing in capital growth areas of Australia you are one step closer to financial freedom and the sooner you start the better.
  • You cannot save to wealth!
  • We pride ourselves on customer service all our Prosperity Group members can be guided and assisted on their personal wealth building journey; we have a number of property investment experts that we recommend for our clients.
  • We DO NOT make any money from clients with these services.
  • We know there are many out there that claim to be experts but they are not investment property focused and we want this whole experience to be hassle and stress free for you.
  • You have no obligation to use our recommended professionals; you are welcome to use your own.

Not necessarily for wealth building. Positively geared property can mean lower growth and are normally in established areas, which often means no tax advantage, no infrastructure growth and maintenance problems. For wealth building, the focus needs to be on capital growth. It doesn’t mean all properties that are wealth building properties are negatively geared. When you focus on growth you will have a much higher land content, it might mean a lower income to start with. We generally find that most properties that are negatively geared move to become positively geared within three to five years.

We can give you an extensive list of clients who have agreed to act as referees.

There is never a bad time to invest, but it is extremely important to know where, when and how to invest for maximum returns. Be aware you only have a window of time that is so many working years until you retire. The market will cycle every 7-10 years in different locations and we suggest it’s best to stay in rhythm. Work backwards from when you want to retire and get into a rhythm of purchasing a land based asset every one, two, three years etc., depending on your goals and borrowing capacity.

This depends on market conditions. In a growth market you can see results even before the house is completed; all our clients have experienced this to date. In a slow market, it can take two to three years before you see enough growth to enable you to duplicate, depending on your debt to service ratio. We focus on Maximum returns for our clients to enable them to duplicate sooner to build their wealth.

You need to remember investment is a buy and hold strategy the longer you hold the property the greater the returns. Markets often experience upwards and downwards trends, but over time property in Australia has proven safe and secure with an average of 8.5% growth. Our properties have averaged 14.5% growth since 2001.

Generally property doubles in value every 7-10 years and has done so for many decades. Some experts believe it could triple in the next 10 years.

Yes. We have many clients who are self-employed and who are building a strong portfolio.

Yes the Government created this legislation three years ago to allow individuals to set up their own Self-Managed Super fund. This is now very common especially after the GFC and the volatile super fund and share market, SMSF has many benefits to the investor we help our clients access their super.

No. We’ve had clients commence property portfolios into their 60’s.

Buying your first investment is a big step for most people. We like to focus on this first property whilst teaching our clients how duplication is the process that gives you compound capital growth, which is the true function of why smart investors choose property.

Simply capital growth on capital growth, compounding with each year returning you higher returns. This is how the wealthy get wealthier.

Yes you can with the correct loan structure you can pay down a 30 year loan in less than 10 years whilst building a property portfolio.

Yes. Many of our clients firstly want to live a life of choice not chance, but understand they will leave a legacy for their children. Along with teaching them how to build their own wealth and be financially educated.

We have a Research Department whose job is just to look at property that meets our tried tested and proven property investment matrix criteria. We look at assess over 200 locations and estates per annum and only select approx. 22 for our clients and ourselves.

Most financial advisors are trying to sell you shares, as they receive ongoing commissions, they do not understand property. Markets in different cities are often cycling at different times, so this is irrelevant as building wealth is about getting compound capital growth and to get compound capital growth you need to stay within one market sector for at least a full cycle. Remember the adage, “it’s never a bad time to make a good investment”.

  • Award winning Wholesale Builders and Developers (one of Australia’s largest operating since 1966), with solid honesty and integrity.
  • Access to (at boardroom level) Master Planned Blue Ribbon Estates, private investors and investor companies cannot buy, in prime locations near the beach, shops, schools, parks, employment, transport, golf courses etc.
  • We do not recommend boondocks and regional areas as they do not guarantee ongoing capital growth.
  • High quality built homes at wholesale prices due to the quantity built per/ annum. We are not marketeers or Spruikers, selling overpriced house and land packages in poor locations.
    Experienced property investors use us time and time again to duplicate and build their portfolio.
  • We educate you on gearing and leveraging, compound capital growth systems, where, why and what to buy. minimising risk and taking the stress out of the equation! We teach you how to gain maximum returns and minimise your TAX, and how to leave a legacy for your children and retire wealthy and reach financial freedom with certainty!
  • No fees or charges or middle man,.
  • No lies, hype, pressure, hard sell it is in our best interest for you to succeed so you duplicate and grow your portfolio, our business is totally transparent.
  • Advice and recommendation to Property Investor focused accounts, Mortgage brokers and property managers, conveyance solicitors to make your experience stress and hassle free and to maximise your profits.
  • We DO NOT make money from these referrals; again we want to make your experience seamless. This way we know our clients will come back when they are ready to buy their next property.
  • Make an appointment today with one of our consultants; let us show you how you can have wealth with certainty and “Live the Dream”!