How to invest correctly, step by step?

STEP 1 – Property investment Advisory
Property investment Advisory
Building Consultancy
STEP 2 Building Consultancy
STEP 3 Project Management
Project Management
Investment Property Building Consultancy
Step 4 – Porfolio Management

Before you learn how to invest in property we want to give you the 7 critical mistakes most people make, as property can be easy to buy but very difficult to get right.

What are the 7critical mistakes we need to avoid?

    1. Not enough Education
    2. Buying at the wrong time in a locations property cycle
    3. Incorrect Financial Structures
    4. Not the right Research & Due Diligence
    5. No Facilitation & Project Management
    6. Buying established with no Quality Control
    7. Buying on hype, false promises and emotion.

How do I reduce risk?

  • Educate yourself
  • Get the right advice and surround yourself with the right professionals
  • Build the best strategy for your circumstances
  • Get the right loan in place – with the correct financial structure.
  • Buy the right property – at the right time in the property cycle – in the right location
  • Buy new and reduce costly maintenance
  • Get the right insurance
  • Choose a great property manager
  • Work with the tax system to maximise your tax benefits
  • Buy quality property under market price
  • Buy properties that are desirable to live in and attract blue chip tenants

How do I choose wisely?

  • Think outside the city you live in – it may not be the best location to invest in
  • Work to a tried and true proven systems
  • Buy premium investment properties in good locations, at or below market price, and at the right time in the property cycle
  • Buy where you will attract good tenants and rental returns on a consistent long-term basis
  • Buy where strong capital growth is likely, on a continuing basis
  • Favour houses with land over apartments
  • Favour new over established
  • If you are new to investment educate yourself so you can make astute decisions

Can anyone do it?

Anyone can do it – from low income to a very high income level.

We have many clients who are self employed and who are building a strong portfolio.

You can also use your SMSF to invest in property.

Age is no barrier. We’ve had clients commence property portfolios in their early 20s and in their 60’s.
With the correct financial structure most people can invest with zero savings.

No matter what your age or circumstances you do need to take charge of your own future.

Should I pay off my own home first?

Some people choose to do this, but we feel there’s a better way. We can show you how to harness your investment property to pay off your home loan sooner.

If you wait 30 years to pay off your own home first you have just wasted valuable years of your life.

Buying investment properties with an offset account can actually reduce your home loan from 25 years to 7 -10 years

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