Se Queensland On The Move

Se Queensland On The Move

There is no doubt SEQ is ready for business and selected locations are set for strong sustainable growth and returns.
Why? Many locations within SEQ are on the move, after 5 to 7 hard years of negative growth. When locations like Mackay and Gladstone and other locations benefiting from mining experienced capital growth, most of the rest of the state were having negative growth.

This was due to a triple whammy the GFC, the floods and the new Government letting go approx. 14,000 employees. But their time is now, there is major infrastructure and development spending, tourism is now pumping along again, population growth is booming, owner occupied are buying into the market showing real confidence again driving up real estate sales numbers, due to property being much cheaper than it was 6 years ago it’s now a great time to invest in SEQ again.

So the key is where to invest, below I will reveal what we believe to be the 10 best locations to put your money now before the masses do.

Below are not in order, if you would like to know where we believe will experience the highest growth and why, and where within these locations is the optimum place to invest, the micro ad macro elements that will drive growth at a faster and higher percentage per annum and will be more sustainable please do not hesitate to contact us for a chat.

    1. Ipswich
    2. Inner Brisbane
    3. Toowoomba
    4. Sunshine Coast
    5. Townsville
    6. Logan
    7. Springfield Lakes region
    8. Northern Brisbane
    9. Southern Brisbane
    10. Gold Coast

Please note there is only pocket locations within the above locations we would recommend you invest and many you should avoid, due diligence and research is the key to success, we can help you with this & much more for you.

These locations are all ready for strong growth, but you will need to get in before the herds, as most people wait to hear it on TV or read it in a magazine before they act, but unfortunately that’s offen too late by then and they miss out on instant growth at the start of the property cycle.

Timing is the key, if you would like to learn more about timing and how to gain the highest returns please grab our Proven Property Investment Blueprint.

You are always welcome to contact us if you would like to discuss your personal situation and how you can capitalise on the timing and the SEQ market or indeed other locations Australia wide.