You can benefit greatly from our personal services, as everyone is different with different wants, needs and goals.

Most people use our services because you gain our combined experience of over 50 years in the building and development trades and property investment advisory. You can leverage fromour unique building trade knowledge, relationships and networks, which saves you money, time and all the hard work and can gain you the highest returns.

With our range of services we can help you no matter where you are on your property investment journey, with the option to use one or all our services based on your wants and needs.

You can benefit with:-

Prosperity Property is committed to providing a wholistic approach to property investment. We guide you through the process of establishing and managing a carefully tailored and individual portfolio that provides you with a positive geared investment now, and prepares you for your retirement.

We champion property investment as a sustainable income stream now and in the future because we can prove that it works. We research and visit over 300 locations per year and select approximately 30 locations that meet the stringent requirements of our proven property investment matrix, designed out of Harvard University.

Will your current salary and investments give you the financial freedom you need to live the lifestyle you want? Given that 86% of Australians currently retire with just $16,000, the answer for most people is probably no. We can assist you by looking at your current situation and show you what the options are for becoming financially independent.