Exclusive Prperties

Where is the best investment properties?

You make money when you buy. This is an old saying but very true. You can save thousands when buying directly with quality builders and developers. You can buy wholesale with the help of Prosperity and our network of Australia’s most awarder builders and developers.

Everyone is different when it comes to what property is the best for you. As we all have different wants, needs and goals. You may or may not have a personal plan, you may be a first time investor or a seasoned investor.

Seasoned investors and our Prosperity value clients have a plan and they just want to know where and what to invest in next.You can save thousands on the purchase price due to our negotiations with the developers and relationships with our building partners.

Back this with our research and due diligence our clients are making $30,000 to $80,000 in year one which is a great way to kick start your investment growth especially knowing it is still on the upward swing of their property cycle.

So when you are ready to start looking at the best options for growth, positive cash flow and tax benefits please contact us for a chat to see how we can help you.

We have a best price/value guarantee you can not buy an apples for apples property for less.

10 Reasons why astute investors use our wholesale services.

    1. Over 50 years in building and investing industry knowledge
    2. Research and due diligence material and services
    3. Best price/value guarantee
    4. Negotiated discounts of up to $60,000 from purchase price
    5. First tenant guarantees
    6. Fixed Price contracts
    7. 100% turn key ready for tenant to walk straight in.
    8. Complete start to finish project management to assure quality and time lines are met.
    9. Complete done for you services, saving you money, time and all the hard work
    10. Investment Management Services – surrounding you with associate professionals (builders, investment funding experts, conveyancing solicitors, building inspectors, property managers etc)