Investment Management Services

Property Investment Made Simple, With Expert Advice You Can Trust.

This is a comprehensive service designed to facilitate the whole process of property investment, to ensure your property selection and purchase runs smoothly and then ensure the success of the investment into the future. By taking care of absolutely every element of your investment, risk is minimised if not entirely eliminated, no detail is overlooked, for your peace of mind.

First of all, we formulate a tailor made property investment overview, a personal Prosperity Plan. This sets out a series of investment goals, based on your personal circumstances and requirements, as discovered by our advisors during our original meeting.

As property advisors, we guide you along the entire investment journey and offer you the best of our knowledge, advice and due diligence. We also offer you the services of specialists, by surrounding you with experts,in all the related fields of tax, super, conveyancing, insurance and finance. Our experts can ensure you have quality tenants, follow up with repair and maintenance issues. You will save time, you’ll save money and you’ll save worry too.

Communication is a key part of our relationship with you. You will receive regular email updates during the construction of your investment property and you’ll be given a login and password, which allows you to log in at your convenience to see progress of new properties. Plus our Investment Management system can track your investment and follow your financial path to success.

Investment Property Project Management

Associated Professionals

Prosperity Facilitates All The Experts For You.

  • Property Managers – experienced in identifying quality tenants
  • Mortgage Brokers and Brokers who specialise in Property Investment finance
  • Accountants who are property focused
  • Insurance Brokers for safe and secure investments
  • Conveyance solicitors to help make the settlement process easy and stress free

Prosperity goes to incredible lengths to find the most experienced professionals in each location that best meet our clients’ needs. In most cases we act as the guinea pigs to test them out, on our own investment properties.

Prosperity negotiates special pricing and services for all the independent professionals, we are always looking for ways for the client to save time, money and to make the journey an enjoyable and engaging experience.

Prosperity client are not obligated to use any of our associated professionals. Clients can choose to source their own. Prosperity does not make money off our clients for using the recommended professional Property Investment services.

It just makes good sense to use Prosperity facilitation services – it saves you time, money and you can have peace of mind that everything is done correctly!

It just makes good sense to use Prosperity facilitation services – it saves you time, money and you can have peace of mind that everything is done correctly!


  • Researchers – Prosperity has an extensive team and network for accurate location selection and success.
  • Developers – We only use Blue Chip Developers to assure quality and peace of mind that they have a transparent operating history. We have boardroom relationships with Australia’s leading developers who develop blue ribbon master planned communities. We can purchase the land at wholesale and we never mark up the price of the land. We receive the first pick of the blocks in the estate before the public. Other investment companies cannot get access to many of our estates.
  • Builders – All our clients invest directly (no middleman) with our carefully selected builders Australia wide. All the properties are complete turnkey – nothing more to spend, and are at a fixed contract price. Unlike most investment companies you can have complete confidence in who is building your home. You are not getting the cheapest builders quote, who may build an inferior product.
  • Mortgage Broker – A broker with experience in Property Investment is crucial. Most Brokers are proficient. In setting up a loan for your family home, but not investments to optimise your income.We teach our clients the correct way to structure their finance, to protect their family home, use little or none of their own money, to minimise the out of pocket expenses from the weekly family budget, and how to achieve maximum tax benefits and not change their lifestyle. A quality broker deals with an assortment of lenders, to help the lower income and self-employed access an investment loan.
  • Conveyance Solicitor – A conveyance solicitor handles the contracts for land settlement, between the investor, banks and the developer. One of the benefits of buying a house and land package is you settle on the land, and you only have to pay stamp duty on the land, this can save you thousands of dollars.
  • Accountants – It is important to use a property focused accountant, it can mean thousands in your pocket when it comes to your tax benefits. We show you how to reduce your tax, weekly, fortnightly and monthly. Along with maximising the tax benefits for self-employed people and business owners.Prosperity also has many clients who invest in property with their Super (SMSF) – a quality accountant can assure this is correctly established.There are legitimate ways to avoid paying capital gains tax, again another service we teach at Prosperity and a quality accountant can implement for you.
  • Insurance Agent – Insurance is crucial in your risk management plan, to assure your investment is protected with building and landlord insurance. There is a big difference from one to another in regards to costs and policies. We can help you pick the most appropriate policy.

Property Managers
A mistake many investors make is trying to manage the property themselves, which takes time away from your personal life and limits where you can invest. We only recommend the highest quality Property Managers who specialise only in management – they do not sell property, unlike real estate agents. Quality Managers assure your property is well maintained is always rented at the highest yield and carry out a thorough tenant selection process