Where do I find Property and Real Estate research?

Property research and due diligence is crucial to help you invest in the highest growth locations Australia wide, based on your own wants, needs and goals. Plus very importantly it is wise to have a diversified portfolio with properties in different cities.

As cities have different property cycles by having a diversified portfolio will help you gain capital growth across your portfolio. Instead of having all your eggs in one basket so to speak.

Prosperity team carry out extensive research for you by cross referencing data from Australia’s leading economists, Property Researchers, RP Data, BIS Schrapnel etc to build on the actual facts and dismiss all the hype to help make astute decisions on you first or next investment.

Importantly before investing we recommend kicking the dirt as we say, to identify the micro macro locations, the pockets within a city that is most likely to be the next growth corridor driven by, land shortfall, housing shortfall, low vacancy rates and population growth riven by new infrastructure that drives jobs and the need for more people to move to a location.

We do not recommend any location we have not physically been to, and inspected the micro macro, gain the real facts, talk to the locals, the town planning and the property managers.

Once we are positive the city is at the bottom of the property cycle, we use our proven matrix system that was designed by one of our builder/developers out of Harvard University.

This is a criteria weighted scoring system and it has to score above 70/100 before we would recommend or build property in this area.

We all know of streets, within suburbs within cities that have experienced much higher growth than other areas in the same city, and this is the key to gaining maximum returns.

You benefit by eliminating your risks and enhancing the capital growth opportunity by our thorough research. We do not sell from a stock list, we have building and development partners Australia wide to assure you gain the best quality built property in the highest growth pockets of each city.

Research is paramount for your success, too many so called professionals sell from behind a desk with glossy brochures,and have never been to the location they are recommending do not buy without doing your due diligence and you can benefit greatly with our hands on, kick the dirt and cross referencing data services to help you gain the highest returns sooner.