Peter Ingram

Peter Ingram

Director And Senior Property Advisor
Buyers Advocate
Project Manager/Building Consultant

With over 15 years’ experience and studies in residential property investments, lever-aging and gearing. I have a true passion to teach everyday Australians how they can secure theirs and their children’s financial future with our inner knowledge workshops/personal prosperity plans and superior property investments. My aim is to assist them to achieve wealth with certainty.

My family and I have four properties currently, the two most recent properties are in the same blue ribbon estates as our clients, we invest where our clients invest.

Trade – Qualified Electrician and Project Management with 20 years’ experience in the building and construction industry, and I have built my own house and renovated houses. From my experience I have learnt the buy new and hold strategy is easier with minimal risk, no stress, maximum tax benefits, optimal returns and importantly more time with my family and friends.

Management – Diploma in Business Management with many successful years’ experience – Focus on customer service, superior communication and going the extra mile for the client.

Masters certification in Ultimate Life/Business Coaching – Masters in NLP and Success coaching. I have a true passion to help family; friends and all my clients live their ultimate life. We have 1 life 1 chance and owe it to ourselves to get the most out of it, and Property is a vehicle we can all use to have a better life today and peace of mind we will have a secure future.

I urge you to speak to us before you invest in property as we are changing the way people invest with caring, transparent and building and investment knowledge and experience. Which makes us very different in this industry.

We do not do the hard sell, no hype, no pressure, just property inner knowledge and Australia’s optimum property opportunities that we help our clients buy below market price from our builder developer partners to give you a kick start on growth. By helping you gain strong results, our clients continue to use our services from here to retirement, we truly do love to help people!