Tony Barber

Tony Barber

Director and Property Investment Advisor/Consultant Prosperity Director,
Property Investment Advisor & Building renovation consultant-

I have a real passion to educate all Australians on how to build substantial wealth through investing in residential property the correct way so that they have a secure financial future with real choices at retirement and have the opportunity to leave a legacy for their children. In doing so, our clients will have wealth with certainty.

My aim is to set an example for all those I come in contact with on how to secure their financial future with certainty, and for me personally to be a great role model for my own children, family & valued clients to follow.

I built my first house in 1992 and I purchased my first investment property in 1993. Since then I have successfully invested in a further 10 residential properties in Cities throughout Australia.

I have also been very successful in business, having built 4 companies from the ground up, including my building company Starcopy Building Services established in 1994. I also do a lot of Building consultancy work now for clients wanting to renovate, extend or develop.


  • Qualified carpenter and joiner
  • Licensed B class Builder
  • Diploma in Building & Construction
  • Diploma in Business and Economics
  • Masters in NLP

I have also got extensive training in personal development and NLP.

It is my passion and aim in life to be a good role model and mentor to Australians on how to reach their financial goals and dreams through investing in residential property, giving them the opportunity to lead a life of choice, not chance & acquiring financial freedom.