Joel and Jane Powell

We recently bought one of Prosperity’s recommended properties in the Mandurah area of Perth and found the team at Prosperity to be extremely professional, helpful, informative and knowledgeable. They made the whole process, from my first appointment right through to property management, a lot less daunting and stressful than I would have thought. I found them extremely helpful when it came to me restructuring my financial situation and obtaining my new mortgage for my investment property.

I was also very impressed with the whole construction process which went very smoothly and finished ahead of time. The hand over from Prime Projects (the builder) to my property manager, at Guardian Property Group, was very efficient and hassle-free. They even found the right tenant for me quickly.

In fact, I found that for a first time investor like myself, the whole process with Prosperity was very straight forward as the guys were very up-front and honest with me. I was pleased that they didn’t over-inflate the predicted returns on my investment and they were great at keeping me in the loop as far as what stage I was at in my investment process.

I am very happy with the overall service and expertise of the guys and would highly recommend them to any property investors.