Mary Lios Wilson

I found out about Prosperity Property Advisors from a work colleague who was telling me about his new investment properties. At the time I thought that could never be me as I am a single parent on one wage and paying off a mortgage.

I went to the Prosperity Group information night where I found the information given to us in a very clear, easily and understandable manner.

Once I decided this was something I could do, Prosperity Group walked me through the whole process and answered every question that I had along the way. They are thorough, professional, and very friendly and went out of their way to assist me with everything. The people that they suggested I use as a part of this process were outstanding. I couldn’t have asked for better and I am now the owner of a great new investment property earning me strong capital growth. I am looking forward to my next investment property now and I will definitely do this through Prosperity Property Advisors.

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