Mathew Thompson & Michelle Mitchell

We have just purchased a great new investment property in Brighton, Perth through Prosperity and have been very impressed by the process so far.

We found the guys at Prosperity to be very helpful, very honest and very knowledgeable in helping to educate us on what makes a great property investment and why.

We have also gained finance for our property through one of Prosperity’s affiliated brokers that they highly recommended. We also found the communication between Prosperity and our broker very good and they always kept us informed on where we were at, and what to expect next.

Prosperity also recently took us on an estate tour of their 5 Star Blue Ribbon estates in Perth and we were very impressed with the fact that what they had taught us was in fact correct. It was actually better than our expectations.

The team couldn’t have been more helpful, hospitable and informative and we were pleased to see they hadn’t exaggerated the quality of the estates, the build quality and the inclusions you receive in their investment properties.

As we feel very comfortable with the process and expertise shown by Prosperity, we would highly recommend them and their investment opportunities to any prospective property investor.