7 critical mistakes in property investment ebook

The 7 Critical Mistakes In Properity Investment

Property can seem like the perfect answer to secure your retirement. In fact, there is very little doubt that property is the answer when you consider it doubles in value every seven to 10 years (and has done so for more than 100 years).

Furthermore, you only have to look at what the Australian Bureau of Statistics found for motivation to take action. The ABS found that, out of 100 people at retirement age:

  • 75 will be flat broke;
  • 4 will be in the rat race still trying to survive;
  • 3 will be comfortable; and
  • 1 will be living the dream, with financial freedom.

It isn’t, however, as simple as just ‘buying a property’. Too many people jump in without fully considering everything that is needed to maximise their success. Over the years we have seen people make the same mistakes time and time again.

In this free eBook, we’ve listed the Seven critical mistakes we see happening, discuss why they happen and walk you through how to avoid them. We will discuss:

    1. Financial structures;
    2. Planning and the decision process;
    3. The property cycle;
    4. Getting sold to;
    5. Lack of education;
    6. Old, established properties; and
    7. Low capital growth criteria.

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