Who Could Buy Or Rent Your Property

Who Could Buy Or Rent Your Property?

When you are considering property investment you need to ask yourself who could buy or rent your property. Why? Well, when you take demographics into account, and get it right, it will save you a lot of pain and anguish, along with providing you the highest returns.

Location is a crucial point to consider when investing successfully. But it is not just about population growth, infrastructure spending and existing infrastructure like schools, shops, transport, recreation, security and employment.

When investing in property, remember not to:

  • Buy cheap established property: besides the potential maintenance issues and costs, when buying cheap established property, there are a lack of tax incentives, capital growth potential and income potential from rent.
  • Buy property that is overvalued for the location: a fine example of this is people buying in South West Sydney at the moment. They are paying over $500k for house and land, but who is buying and renting the property? Generally people who live in this location live here because they cannot afford to live closer to the CBD or beach. This means investors will generally not achieve the return they are looking for.

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