You can build wealth and replace your income in just years not decades, using our proven roadmap.

    1. Why invest for the future?
      • Build wealth for your future
      • Safeguard your family’s finances
      • Create choice
      • Take charge of your own destiny as there will be no pension and most people do not have enough Superannuation.
      • Stop work when you want to and not have to work until you are 70 plus years of age.
      • Make sure you will have enough money to live on when you retire and importantly not out live your funds.
      • 3 scary realities
          1. The ABS has found that in retirement out of 100 people:-
            • 13 will be dead,
            • 79 will be dead broke,
            • 4 will be struggling,
            • 3 will be comfortable,
            • 1 will have financial freedom,
            • Cite the specific publication.
          2. Recent stats from The University of Canberra found that 86.6% of Australians will retire on an income of $16,000 p.a.
          3. Money halves in value every 7 to 10 years due to inflation. Eg. If you believe you will have $400,000 in Super at the retirement age of 70 and you are 40 years of age, what you can buy with $400k is the equivalent of $50,000 today. How long will $50k last you???

      We don’t say this to scare you, but to impress upon you we all need to take charge and invest for a safe financial future.
      You can’t save your way to wealth!

    2. Why invest in property?
      • To give you and your family financial security and freedom
      • Invest in a stable, tangible investment that you have control over
      • A track record of success. Markets often experience upwards and downwards trends, but over time property in Australia has proven safe and secure, with an average of 8.5% growth per annum. Our properties have averaged 14.5% growth since 2001.
      • Australia’s financial system is geared in your favour
      • Banks will lend you up to 100% of the value of the property meaning you can get a significant asset for a relatively small outlay
      • If you choose wisely you can have both capital growth PLUS extra income each week!
          1. Statistically, property doubles in value every 7 – 10 years.
          2. Rents generally go up each year in areas in with strong economic pillars
      • Someone else pays:- Let the bank, the tax man and the tenant work to build YOU wealth
      • A strong property investment will help you pay off your own home loan sooner
      • What other asset can you depreciate to the value of your marginal tax rate.

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